Visitors Policy

As a patient’s relative, we understand your eagerness to hear that the patient’s condition has improved. Our goal is to help you in the best way possible, and we would appreciate your cooperation in addition to all these things.

Kindly go through the following important information.
In all wards only one attendant is permitted per patient
At the time of admission only ONE attendant pass and ONE visitor pass for a patient is given.
Visitors should call the attendant over the house phone to get their pass to visit the patient.
Visitors are allowed as “one at a time basis “and not as “groups”. Change of attendant alone is permitted during Non – Visiting Hours
Children under the age of 15 are not allowed into the hospital premises unless they come as a patient, as they are more susceptible to infections
Attendants can stay in the hospital room when the patient is in the Post-Operative Ward (POW) which is usually for 24 to 72 hours following surgery
Following the surgery, patients will be shifted to POW. For updated information regarding POW Patients, attendant can contact Nursing station.
Patients and attendant are requested to take care of their belongings at all times. The DASH management is not responsible for any theft or loss of valuables or any other belongings. Patients and attendant are also advised to safeguard their belongings in the room.
Smoking and consumption of alcohol in the room or hospital premises by the patient or relative will result in denial of treatment and discharge of the patient.• Tips to staff are strictly prohibited. If you wish to appreciate their hard work, you can contribute to the Employees Welfare Fund. Contact Admin for further information.

Counselling Hours

Patients’ attendees can meet the Medical Residents.
Family can talk to the patient (9.00am -7.00pm) over intercom number by dialling Reception number.

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