Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology is a field of medicine that uses surgery to treat cancer. Its main goal is to find harmful tumors in your body and remove them.

Surgical oncology can help people during the early stages of cancer or when the condition is more advanced. Some common reasons you might need this type of medicine are:

To Prevent Cancer: if you have a high risk of getting the disease in a certain part of your body, a surgical oncologist can do a surgery to prevent it. They remove tissue in the area that’s precancerous or likely to become cancer.

To See if You Have Cancer: when oncologist sees a growth or other signs of a tumor, a surgical oncologist can remove all or part of the tissue. Then, a scientist can study it under a microscope to see if it has cancer cells. This procedure is called a biopsy.

To See How Severe it is: oncologists use surgery to understand how advanced someone’s condition is. They look at the size of a tumor and see if it has spread to other parts of your body, like lymph nodes or other organs.

To Treat Cancer: surgical oncologists remove tumors to help rid your body of cancer cells.


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