Shalakya Tantra (Eye & ENT)

Shalakya tantra encompasses the treatment for the diseases affecting the body parts located above the neck.
This branch of ayurveda deals with the causes, diagnosis and curative procedures of the diseases pertaining to organs of the head, above the shoulder – eyes, ears, lips, nose, throat, teeth, skull, central nervous system and brain.
A special branch of the ashtang ayurvedic tree, the eight branches of ayurveda, shalakya tantra deals with prevention and treatment of diseases in and around the head.
The word shalakya in sanskrit means a probe.
Therefore, by shalakya tantra, it is meant that the treatment would be done using appropriate tools for ingesting medication to the affected parts of the body.
The branch is also described as urdhwangchikitsa.
Urdhwang means the body parts above the shoulder and chikitsa which signifies treatment.


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