Qualification : B.A.M.S.

Dr. C.M. Divya, B.A.M.S, is a duly registered medical professional under TN MGR Medical University studied from Sri Sairam Ayurveda Medical College. Currently, she serves as a medical resident doctor at Dhanwanthralaya Ayurveda Specialty Clinic in the Nandanam branch.

With a wealth of expertise, Dr. C.M. Divya specializes in general medicine, female infertility, arthritis, PCOS, IBS, and skin diseases. Her in-depth knowledge in these areas establishes her as a trusted practitioner, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive and specialized care.

As a valuable resource in the field, Dr. C.M. Divya’s extensive experience and expertise in Ayurvedic medicine make her a reliable advisor. Patients can benefit from her profound knowledge, receiving informed guidance and quality care throughout their health journey. Driven by a commitment to holistic well-being, she plays a crucial role in providing personalized and effective solutions for various health concerns.

Monday to Satuday
9.00am to 5:30pm

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