Out Patient Department

Aswini Consultation Suite is the Out Patient Department of Dhanwanthralaya Specialty Hospital named after Aswini kumaras who are twin Gods and divine healers mentioned in our Vedas. Lord Brahma recollected the knowledge of from his memories and taught it to Daksha Prajapati. He then taught this science of life to Ashwini Kumaras. Ashwini Kumaras are the twin brothers, who are hailed as the Doctors in the Divine spheres. They are hailed as the first physicians of this universe.

In Patient Department

THE IN PATIENT is called as RAJTEJASAM which brings lustre and rejuvenation to the Patient admitted in our Hospital

Chennai – Nandanam

Dhanwanthralaya Speciality Clinic

  • New #14, 1A, Ground Floor,
    5th Street, (Opp to Suryanar Temple),
    Nandanam Extension,
    Chennai – 600 035.
  • +044 4860 7750 / +91 81110 42042
  • drvmkmd@gmail.com


Dhanwanthralaya Speciality Clinic

  • No: 38, Ground Floor, Udhay Park,
    South Extension,
    New Delhi – 110049.
  • +011 4657 7750 / +91 70425 77750
  • drvmkmd@gmail.com

Samskrithi Oushadhalaya

Two Drug Dispensing Counters (Pharmacy) named as Samskrithi Oushadhalaya are located near the Out Patient Department. 01. Dry Pharmacy 02. Wet Pharmacy

Dry Pharmacy Dispenses the Classical and Proprietary Medicines. Wet Pharmacy dispenses freshly prepared medicines as the decotions, swarasa, Kalka etc to the patients on Consultant orders. Our Pharmacy is holding license from State Licensing Authority and GMP Certified

Susrutha Integrated Fertility Maternity And Surgical Centre

Dhanwanthralaya Speciality Hospital cares their patient with services from Consultants of Modern Medicine in case of Anesthesiology, Oncology, Fertility, Maternity and Surgical Procedures. These Consultants of Modern Medicine are visiting in nature and attend the Patients

Referred from the Consultants of Dhanwanthralaya for required services. This facility is named after Susrutha, Father of Surgery as Susrutha Integrated Fertility Maternity and Surgical Centre- A unit of Dhanwanthralaya in first floor of the hospital.

This facility has registration under Clinical Establishment Act for Allopathy Services also.

The required services are provided to referred cases according to the need of the patient.

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