The Siddha system of medicine (Traditional Tamil System of Medicine), which has been prevalent in the ancient Tamil land, is presumably the foremost of all other medical systems in the world. Its origin goes back to BC 10000 to BC 4000. The uniqueness of Siddha system is evident by its continuous service to the mankind for more than 5000 years in combating diseases and also in maintaining its physical, mental and moral health. Cancer is a disease that affects the human race worldwide. The need for having new technologies and treatments to diagnose and treat cancer is becoming a more important challenge. The current treatments for cancer include radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. All these treatments are accompanied with side effects in varying intensities that may have severe psychological impact on patients. Hence, treatments that have lesser side effects form the recent research. Several Siddha medicines are being given by trained practitioners for treating cancer. Many herbs that have been used for cancer in traditional system of medicine is constructed on the Siddha philosophy of three humors and have now gained predominant focus in research, paving way for new drug discovery. The traditional siddha medicine treatment given at our INSRI helps to rejuvenate the damaged, destroyed, split blood cells and increase the body’s resistance to disease, develop the immunity to recover from cancer.

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